Product Introduction 

LISTRONG-21/2DBX Double fine drawing machine
The two-wire drawing machine is used for double stainless steel wires drawing at the same time.
It attracts more interests due to its characteristics comparing with traditional single wire drawing machine.
1) Heavy duty, stable and durable;
2) Saving space, power consumption and labor force.

 Technical Parameters 

Inlet diameter 2*Φ0.5mm-Φ1.0mm
Outlet diameter 2*Φ0.10mm-Φ0.30mm
Max. speed 600mpm
Max. number of drawing dies 21
Slip ration of M/C 13%
Fix speed capstan slip ratio 8%
Capstan Bearing steel
Max. capstan dia. Φ250mm
Fix speed capstan dia. Φ217mm
Frame Cast
Main machine power 18.5kw
Take up power 3.7kw*2
Correction system Automatically control
Dynamic control Double frequency conveters control
Transmission method Timing belt
Pay off method Over-head
Traversing method Flat belt+Synchronous motor
Tension control Weight balance by swing arm
Lubrication system of drawing Immersing type
Suitable spool Φ300 or as per user's requirement
Take up capacity 50kgs*2
Brake Pneumatic brake
Machine dimension 3500L*1300W*1900H(mm)
Machine weight 3000kgs

 Pictures for your reference 



2)External view



The general situation is pallet packaging, suitable for ocean transportation; (according to customer requirements)

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